Bathory's Secret: When all the time in the world is not enough (Affliction Series Book #1)

Vampires do not live forever. Immortality is earned...

The year is 1609 and fourteen year old Kati lives a quiet rural existence with her mother in the outskirts of Csejthe Castle in Hungary, the home of the powerful Countess Erzsébet Báthory.

When the Countess personally shows up at Kati's house offering her a job at the castle Kati is happy to go in order to help her mother break out of poverty despite the rumors that surround the Countess.

Once at the castle illiterate Kati is given the task of binding a series of old journals which hide a blood soaked and violent history.

As the months progress Kati discovers that her new mistress is cruel and dangerous, but she is unable to leave the castle without fear of retribution. She realizes that her only hope of understanding and escaping the Countess hides within the journals so with risk to her life she learns to read and is inadvertently thrust into a world she could never have imagined.

Finding herself in a desperate situation she must now uncover the secret behind the Countess's murderous behavior and stop her before it's too late for her and everyone she loves...


Vampire Edifice: The Awakening (Affliction Series Book #2)

Hungary 1610 A.D.

A wave of terror grips Csejthe village as Erzsébet Báthory’s long list of crimes comes to light, forcing Kati, who managed to escape death at the hands of the Countess, to go into hiding after her close call.

Having caught the Countess red handed, Palatine Thurzó is shocked by the atrocities committed by his cousin and becomes intent on getting to the heart of the murders. Events unfold further when he is put on Kati’s trail by one of Báthory’s co-conspirators.

Kati is then forced to risk a return to Csejthe in order to cover her tracks and hide the journals which threaten to expose the Afflicted. The task proves more dangerous than she thought, however, and she is forced to flee to Vienna where she hopes to find more of her kind.

Once there she is accepted into an Afflicted paradise where she is supported, educated and helped to deal with the pain of her past. When she discovers that Báthory’s ill son is secretly being held in a Sanatorium for the marginalized and depraved, though, she comes to the conclusion that all is not as it seems and her life might be in danger once more…