Welcome to Bloody Good Fiction, web home for Romina Nicolaides, author of the Affliction series of Vampire books.

Romina arrived on this planet on the back of a Pterodactyl in a time before calendars. The ride was dangerous and uncomfortable (due to the lack of hair for grip) so she does not recommend this mode of travel.

She currently runs a support group for snails with agoraphobia and writes about Vampires in her spare time.

Ok, so you really want to know the serious bits?

Cough cough *clears throat and goes into third person mode:*

Romina has a Bachelor's degree in History and a Master's degree in Modern History both from the University of Reading in the United Kingdom. Over the years she has completed a work placement at BBC History Magazine, worked as a freelancer at the History Channel and Goodlife Media Publications in London. In recent years she has worked in Marketing as a translator and copywriter and in web content management for a prominent bank in Cyprus.

She is a polymath, rememberer of useless information, hairball connoisseur and recreational sculptor. Historical mysteries give her chills and she loves the smell of museums; the mustier the better. Writing is how she makes sense of the universe and the human condition. She is a free spirit at heart...


The Affliction Series is a reexamination of the Vampire Genre through a historical sci-fi lens. If you like macabre History with a dash (ok, handful) of Fantasy then this is the place for you...